Redox Equations
More Work
Added Topics
Nuclear Reactions & Radiation
Qualitative Analysis
Solubility Rules

Honors Chemistry 4

We have entered the final leg. Congratulations are due to all!!!!!! Yahoo!!!! 

We will have two finals this year that will total 25% of your 4th quarter grade. 

In just 3 weeks, we will have the classroom final. It will be a hard multiple choice test. Bring a #2 pencil and calculator with fresh batteries.

The second test will be a laboratory final. You will identify a mixture of two unknowns in lab using qualitative analysis. Each student will have their own unknown. You will be graded on your lab technique, your steps, your observations and your logic in ruling out possibilities and narrowing down the field of possible ions.

It will be possible to receive a passing grade even if you mis-identify your unknown. 

The bulk of our work will be qualitative analysis. In class, no homework. It will require that you read instruction carefully, perform procedures in order work safely and have fun :)



Week Topic Activity/Lab

Determining oxidation numbers

Redox Reactions

29 Electrochemical Cells. Electroplating mini-lab? Time permitting
30 Nuclear Chemistry

Radiation types

Waste Storage

Nuclear Waste Storage Essay (for Extra Credit if desired)

Practice Final  

More Practice for Final

Review Materials for Final

and Set-up for Qualitative Analysis.


Chemistry Final
32 Qualitative Analysis Unknown #1 Solubility Rules.
33 Qualitative Analysis Unknown #2  
34 Qualitative Analysis Unknown #3  
35 Qualitative Analysis Unknown # 4  
36 Qualitative Analysis Unknown #5 Lab Final

see grading checklist 

37 Qualitative Unknown #6 and Clean Laboratory  
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