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Honors Chemistry 1

Remember look level and read the bottom of the meniscus. Estimate between the lines, don't just round. Take your time. See what your eyes are trying to show you !!!

Check below for the "ideal" class schedule. Changes may be made without notice. Schedule will depend on adequate progress and materials availability. Underlined words are links mostly to outside pages that provide more information on the topic. With the time limitations imposed by hybrid teaching (due to COVID-19) the exact timing of a syllabus is not possible to predict. The sequence of topics will be maintained with some adjustments. 

Week Topic Activity/Lab



Unit 1 Laboratory Safety:   Learning guide.

Begin memorizing ions.

Prepare for ongoing quizzes.


Unit 2: Numbers in Chemistry

Metric System

Scientific Notation

Scientific Notation practice

Conversions (Number line method)

Significant Figures  omitted in 2020

Density Lab

Background info.

Lab with complete write-up.

3 Factor-label method (also known as dimensional analysis) Glass Lab Mini Lab (no write up) omitted 2020

Test 2.x: Conversions 


Unit 3: Chemical Names and Formulas

Chemical formulas 

Naming binary compounds

Naming binary compounds with variable valence metals. 

Compounds with polyatomic ions

Test 2.y: Conversions II
5 Naming acids and bases

Naming non-metal plus non-metal compounds

Unit 4: Chemical weights, GFW (Molar Mass), Wt %

Gram formula weight & mole


Ions test

Test 3.x: Naming and Formulas

6 Percent composition

GFW practice

CuSO4/Percent water Lab

Test 4.x: GFW and Percent Composition


Unit 5: Chemical Reactions and their Equations

Types of reactions

Balancing equations

Balancing equation game Try the beginner level 1st.

Steel wool Lab

Complete reaction types

Unit 6: Stoichiometry

Introduce stoichiometry

The mole

Hydrogen Lab with complete write-up

Test 5.x: Balancing equations.


Complete stoichiometry

 Stoichiometry Review.

Mass-mass lab.

Mass-mass lab II

Test 6.x: Stoichiometry

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