Lab Write Up
Lab Title & Author

<Name of Lab here>


If a more specific grading rubric has been provided, staple it to the front of your lab report. It will be followed for that lab.

Please center this on a separate title page. 

Optional, but very classy : )


This explains in one or two sentences what the lab is about. What were we trying to accomplish?

Worth 5 pts




Describe in detail what was done.

What materials are necessary to perform this experiment?

What are the steps, in order, that you must do for everything to turn out right?

This should be in enough detail that others could perform the lab and get good results.

A good clear photo with a caption can save many words in this section.

Worth 15 points


Tables or charts are best.

Show formulas and calculations.

Place any measurements, masses, volumes, or other numerical data here. Make sure to include any mathematical formulas that you needed here. 

A good clear photo with a caption can save much confusion in this section.

Data: 15 pts

Show each formula that you used. Show all calculations.

Don't scrimp here this is really important.

Calculations: 15 points


Include description of how much error has occurred.

Tell what steps may have created the error.

Make suggestions for how to improve this experiment in the future.

Calculation of percent error

Within limits set by instructor 15 points

Discussion of experimental or procedural errors. Suggestions for improving the steps or procedures.
Graphs of the data, or comparison to published results.
Discussion of problems arising from poor measurement.
Statistical summaries like averages.

Accurately assessing sources  of error 15 points


1. Summary of results

2. Summary of what has been learned.

3. Other comments and or opinions.

Restate results: The density of block #8 was found to be________.
Did the lab function properly, or were the problems so bad that you cannot conclude anything from the experiment?

Is there a general rule or law that we can observe.
How does this relate to the theory covered in class and lecture?
Worth 15 points

Staple your actual laboratory notes, data sheets to the back of your lab report.


Do not rewrite or tidy up your laboratory data sheets/notes.

This is your proof that the lab was conducted, not downloaded from website.

(It is implied that all students contribute to collecting data, and write down results as the occur in the lab.)

Worth 5 points

Whenever I ask for a complete lab write up please include all of the sections listed above. A short summary of what should be in each section is on the left. If the lab is non-numerical or a % error cannot be calculated for example, those points will apply to the section as a whole. 

To download a MS Word document that you may keep and modify for almost any lab report click HERE