Be A Thinker! Not A Copy Machine!

Plagiarism is using other peoples thoughts or words as your own. It is wrong.

Plagiarism can consist of:

bulletSharing files electronically
bulletCopying other's work (in Mr. Kortemeier's class or in another class)
bulletCut and Pasting research
bulletFailing to credit other people's work.

Plagiarism must be avoided in writing lab reports. When individual lab reports are called for, each person must organize, write, and draw conclusions for the report. The only thing that should be the same are the numbers for the data. You may share data, but everything else is to be independent work.

Papers and Lab Reports determined to be plagiarized will receive a zero and a phone call home.

Get in the habit of doing your own work. Think about the results yourself. I truly want to hear from you! : )