Molarity etc.
Organic Notes
Acids and Bases
The Keq family
Titration Rept.
How much O2

Honors Chemistry 3

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.--Eden Philpotts.

This is a picture of an ionic compound. Since it is found in nature it has a mineral name: halite. First correct formula and GFW e-mailed to Mr. K at school earns 50 extra credit points.

As always this syllabus represents the topics and order that we will attempt to cover in the upcoming quarter. Actual progress may vary, however....study anyway! We might get lucky and stay on schedule! :}  Mr.K


Week Topic Lab/Activity

Solution strength:  Molarity, Normality, Molality.

Mr. K's notes on solution strength

Colligative properties.

Introduction to Organic Chemistry.


Solution strength:  Molarity, Normality, Molality.

Colligative properties.

Colligative properties II.

Solution Strength Lab
20 Introduction to Organic Chemistry.

Organic chemistry I: counting, alkanes,  branched alkanes, isomers, cycloalkanes, alkenes.

Organic chemistry II: aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, phenols.

21 Aldehydes, ketones. Combustion of hydrocarbons

Organic extra credit assignment.

Fermentation Lab.

Burning hydrocarbons Lab

Test 21.3: Naming and diagrams: alkanes through alcohols. Chain, chain, chain of carbons: Mini-Lab.

22 Acidification of alcohol, Carboxylic acids

Distillation theory.

Distillation Lab:

Esters Lab

23 Polymers, 

Organic summary.


Organic models practicum

Organic unit final (5 grades)

24 VESPR Theory and Molecular Geometry

Acids, Bases & disassociation of water. Arrhenius Acids, Bronsted-Lowry Acids.

Cabbage Juice indicator Mini- Lab

Titration Lab.

Lab Report

25 Finish Kw, pH, pOH

Chemical equilibrium: Keq.

Le Chatelier's Principle

Test 25.3 pH, pOH, acids and bases.

Equilibrium lab (virtual labs to explore with)

Test 25.4: Chemical eqm

26 Disassociation of weak acids, and weak bases. Ka, Kb. see notes page  on side navigation bar
27 Solubility product: Ksp

Predicting precipitation.

Solubility Rules.

Test 27.1: Ka & Kb.

Solubility of CuSO4 mini-lab.

Test 27.4: Ksp.

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