Ten Compounds

Here's a list of 14 compounds that you should know by heart. Most of these have regular names that we covered in our Naming and Compounds unit (so you can just use the rules we've learned).   Some have non-standard names that you just have to remember :(  

Memorize these and homework and tests get quicker and easier. We'll continue to use these all year.  Mr. K  will be having  weekly quizzes ...    : )

Made of  Name Formula
hydrogen and chloride ion hydrochloric acid  HCl
hydrogen and nitrate nitric acid HNO3
hydrogen and sulfate sulfuric acid H2SO4
hydrogen and phosphate phosphoric acid H3PO4
hydrogen and carbonate carbonic acid H2CO3
hydrogen and two oxygen hydrogen peroxide H2O2
hydrogen and one oxygen water H2O
sodium and hydroxide sodium hydroxide NaOH
ammonium and hydroxide ammonium hydroxide NH4OH
ammonia and water aqueous ammonia NH4OH
nitrogen and hydrogen ammonia NH3
ammonium and sulfide ammonium sulfide (NH4)2S
carbon and two oxygen carbon dioxide CO2
potassium and chlorate potassium chlorate KClO3

 Remember criss-cross for ionic formulas, greek system for covalent compounds.