Tardy Policy

Promptness is a habit essential to success in the business world.

Mr. Kortemeier's Tardy Policy

  1. Students are expected to be in their seat, ready to work when the last bell rings. If you are not seated you will be marked tardy.
  2. Students are allowed 2 tardies per semester without penalty.
  3. After the third tardy, Mr. Kortemeier will assign an immediate detention in the classroom. Time will usually be spent cleaning the room or washing glassware. Detention time will be approximately equal to the tardy time.
  4. After the fourth tardy, Mr. Kortemeier will assign a lunch detention to be served immediately. Once again cleaning the room, washing glassware etc. If a student cannot serve detention immediately (already assigned detention by another teacher) arrangements can be made, but the time served will be longer. The student will also be required to phone their parent/guardian from Mr. Kortemeier's room and explain why they have been given detention.
  5. After five tardies, the student will be assigned 2 lunch detentions in the lunch detention room and the school tardy policy will be in effect thereafter.
  6. School policy may include loss of credit for the course for excessive tardies.
  7. Failure to serve a teacher imposed detention will be considered insubordination and is grounds for a referral to the student's Dean for consequences.

Excessive tardies are a pain for  everyone involved so let's try to avoid them by being prompt and prepared. Mr K.