Chemistry 100 _1


Welcome to an online resource for Chemistry 100, 1st Quarter at Carson High!

Chemistry is so much more than simply the periodic table or a list of elements. I hope that you come to enjoy it as much as I do!


The following table is an online syllabus of sorts. It's aim is to let you know what to expect in the coming weeks and to give a bit of extra help to those who might need it. It is not a substitute for what goes on in the classroom! Your attendance is key to your success.  : )


Week Topic Assignments (if available for download) Online Textbook Reading Assignment Web Resources (In case you get stuck)
1 Intros; Nature of science; Lab Safety. Safety Contract, Safety Test Water Rise Lab. Chemistry Safety Rules Safety
2 Physical Properties of matter; Density Lab Density Lab, 

Density Sim Assignment

Density Reading


Density Simulation

Physical properties of matter, Density , Measurements Classification of matter (video).
3 Numbers in chemistry: metric system, conversions, factor-label method. Metric Mania Metric conversions Metric prefixes
4   Classification worksheet.