Final Exam: Qualitative Analysis Portion


In this portion of your Chemistry Final you will demonstrate you mastery of Chemistry concepts and techniques by successfully identifying a chemical unknown.

You will exhibit your expertise in the following tasks:


  1. Reading and following technical laboratory directions
  2. Conducting laboratory procedures that range from simple to complex.
  3. Carefully observing, describing, and evaluating your own results.
  4. Properly interpreting the results to guide subsequent analyses.
  5. Providing an explanation for each of your procedures.
  6. Identifying your unknown chemicals based on your lab analyses.


A. Procedure: Follow the procedures as described in your qualitative analyses lab hand-out. Conduct laboratory procedures in a SAFE, RESPONSIBLE MANNER.

B. Lab Report: The report for this unknown will be written on the Lab Final handout sheets. The lab report consists of 4 items for each procedure conducted:

  1. A brief description of the procedure. Do not simply copy the procedure from the lab handouts. Summarize the procedures clearly in your own words.
  2. Your observations of what occurred in the procedure. Be specific and detailed. Use proper chemical terminology.
  3. Interpretation of what occurred in the procedure. Explain what you have learned as a result of the procedure. Include an evaluation of what chemicals are still possible and which have been ruled out.
  4. An explanation of what occurred. This should include chemical equations for reactions which occurred or why a procedure was used if no reaction  occurred.

Evaluation rubric:

Your grade for this exam will be based on 100 total points distributed as follows:

  Complete, error free work with sufficient detail. Partially complete work with minor errors, and/or lack of detail. Incomplete work with numerous errors, missing steps, lacking in detail
Descriptions 10 points 5 points 0 points
Observations 30 points 15 points 0 points
Interpretations 30 points 15 points 0 points
Explanation 30 points 15 points 0 points

This final will be weighted to represent approximately 12.5% of the 4th quarter grade in Chemistry

Good Luck, remember to have fun :) You are well prepared!!