Each of you will receive a notebook for Qualitative Analysis. All work must be done in the qual notebook in ink.

Only procedures and unknown identifications in the notebook will be graded.

If you forget your notebook, you cannot move on to the next unknown.

Directions for setting up the notebook.

  1. On the outside cover, on the label write your Qual ID number (given to you by the teacher). On the inside cover write your name.

  2. Label the upper right hand corner of the 1st 10 pages with your Qual ID Number and the page Number.

  3. Starting at the back of the notebook, copy the solubility rules to the first page inside the back cover. (Refer to these if you get confused.)

  4. Copy the definitions from the hand out to the next page or pages behind the solubility rules (depending on your handwriting). Refer to these definitions so that you can follow instructions properly.

  5. Bring the completed notebook to Mr. K to be initialized. You are now ready to work:  

Start each Unknown on a fresh page. For each step keep in mind you must record:

bulletWhat you did (Procedure Number and reagent)
bulletWhat you saw (Color change, precipitate, dissolving, etc.)
bulletWhat it means (what chemicals are ruled out, what unknowns are still possible).



Unknown # 1

Procedure 1: (added HCl) Got white precipitate.  Pb+2, Hg+1 and Ag+1 are only possibilities. 

Procedure 2: Heat in hot water bath and drops hot distilled water. ppt remains at bottom of test tube. Pb2+ unlikely

Continue in this manner until you know what your unknown is.