AP Enrichment


Welcome to AP Enrichment!

This class meets daily after lunch. It is mandatory that all students enrolled in AP Chemistry also enroll in AP Enrichment with Mr. Kortemeier.

AP Chem students: On B days your AP Enrichment class will be dedicated to AP Chemistry. I will prepare a short lecture, or more likely have you working supplemental problems in class. I expect your focus and attention. Work in other subject areas will generally not be allowed. On A days your AP Enrichment class will be your resource to do whatever school work needs to be done, or to seek help from another teacher (on a time available basis--you may want to plan ahead and try to make an appointment to see your teacher in advance). Of course, I would be thrilled to continue helping you with chemistry.

Other AP students: On A days you must arrive with sufficient materials to work productively with minimal supervision. You will be allowed to pass to another teacher's room for specific help. You may do course work, homework, independent reading for any of your classes. On B days I will be at your disposal to help you the best that I can in any field. I will not schedule myself for activities during B days. On B days, all students are allowed to pass to another teacher's room on a space available basis. It would be ideal to make arrangements the day before.


“Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves”--Friedrich Nietzsche

Don't lose your way!--Mr. K